As a Bostonian and user of existing MBTA apps, I have found that it is a complicated process to switch between multiple apps to purchase tickets and view the train schedules and maps. My goal is to streamline the process and create an app that is all-encompassing, allowing users to do all their T-related tasks in one place.

MTicket is an existing MBTA app that I have been wanting to improve since I first started using it. I was excited that I could use this app to purchase a train ticket, but disappointed when I realized it was only available for the commuter rail and ferry. To make this a more useful app, I have added the feature of being able to purchase subway and bus tickets. For these systems, the users would scan their phones to enter through the gates or board the buses, in the same way they would use Charlie Cards or Tickets.

Ticket and Payment System

It can be confusing for people to figure out how much money to put on their Charlie Cards, because the ticket cost is an uneven number. Instead of putting a certain amount of money on their "card," they can simply choose the amount of tickets they want. The app will automatically calculate the cost, and the user can confirm. The same system works for purchasing commuter rail tickets, when the cost varies by the zone number. Rather than trying to figure out what each zone costs, the user can simply input the origin and destination to reveal the cost of the ticket.



When viewing the commuter rail schedules, the user can use the time slider to choose what time frame he/she is traveling, and the list of trains and times will automatically appear based on that time frame. This eliminates the hassle of scrolling through a long list of train schedules. The user can also choose to favorite the train schedule, so that he/she can more easily get back to this schedule when traveling again. For the subway schedules, the user chooses the line and direction (inbound or outbound) and is then able to see the number of minutes until the train arrives at a certain stop.